How We Launched Sumanurica

SumaNurica is a new Australian skincare company, utilising the latest biotechnology science to produce advanced formulations, specialising in bioengineering proteins and peptides, with ultimate efficacy for skin health.

SumaNurica takes the science behind skincare and bottles it into easy-to-use solutions. 

What has HeyRCG delivered?

For brand creation and launch, SumaNurica partnered with HeyRCG. We crafted a data-led skin care approach, designing their science-focused online presence. Through automated emails, social media, influencers and targeted ads, we successfully introduced the brand to Australia, achieving a 354% increase in sales within 2 months of launch

This complete brand creation required the interlacing of all HeyRCG services.

  • Created a Brand focused on SumaNurica being informative, professional, and elegant.
  • Curated a tone of voice to convey a sense of expertise and refinement to highlight the beauty of self-care.
  • Developed marketing strategy to balance educational content, user-generated content, product showcases and stylised/curated photography.
  • Developed a recurring colour palette of greys, whites, cream, pinks, and beige. 

Positioned to communicate the brands’ data and science led approach to skincare, SEQUOIA worked with SumaNurica to design and build their new vision of science online.

  • Started with research, sketching & low-fidelity prototyping, high-fidelity prototypes, and usability testing. 
  • Created an innovative science-led web experience that complements the value of taking the science behind skincare and bottling it into easy-to-use solutions. 

RIPE successfully launched this Biotech skincare brand within the Australian market.

  • Implemented a new customer acquisition strategy utilising automated emails as well as social media, and Pinterest and Google ads. 
  • Creatively aligned all unique selling propositions to effectively foster product adoption and promote advocacy.
  • Delivered a 22% increase in website traffic and 354% increase in sales within the first 2 months of going to market. 

Joshua helped by engaging 10 Instagram influencers, and the SumaNurica account increased to a total reach of over 100k accounts. 

Services Used

How Did We Help Suma Nurica?